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Train for just £749

Our unique approach to driving instructor training.

Training to be a driving instructor with Around the Bend is easy, straightforward and now – greater value than ever before.

The majority of our competitors take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to training their instructors. This means you may pay for elements of your training which you don’t need and it could take longer than necessary to pass your exams. So to ensure you’re training fees are kept to a minimum and you pass as quickly as possible, we’ve broken our training into separate modules.

Our Core Training Module covers all of the essential elements you need to develop the knowledge and skills required for your ADI exams including:

  • DVSA registration
  • Part 1 study aids
  • 55 hours of expert in-car training
  • Dedicated trainer
  • Full office support.

We also offer optional training modules so you can create a course that meets your needs. These include the ‘award winning’ on-line iCourse, discounted test fees, one-2-one training etc. You can select as few or as many of the optional modules you like. Then, once you have built the course that’s right for you, we will pay 50% of your total course fees up front. With no sneaky T&Cs and no tie-in to a multi-year contract.

Take a look at the course builder page for further details. You can also book a FREE ADI assessment where we will evaluate your needs and recommend the best training package for you.