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Earn around £30,000 per year

There has never been a better time to become a driving instructor.

  • More people than ever are applying to take their driving test.
  • Government is focused on improving road safety and has introduced initiatives for more stringent testing - resulting in longer training courses.
  • Companies are becoming more aware of the need to professionally train their fleet drivers.
  • Improved standards in driver training are leading to higher lesson prices.
  • The costs of fuel have fallen significantly and are likely to stay low for some time.

All of these points are helping driving instructors earn more than ever before. But realistically, what sort of income can you expect? In order to calculate that you will need to consider things like whether you want to operate as a franchisee or independent instructor; how many hours a week you want to work; if you want to lease or buy a car; how much will you need to spend on marketing to attract a regular stream of new students etc. So to help you assess your earnings potential, take a look at the table and example below.

Hours worked/

Weekly income

34hr week

36hr week

38hr week

40hr week

42hr week

44hr week

£21 per hour







£23 per hour







£25 per hour







Weekly income: Example based on teaching 38hrs a week at an average of £23 per hour as an Around the Bend instructor

  • Lesson fees £874
  • Franchise fee - £99
  • Car (lease) - £70
  • Insurance - £6
  • Fuel - £100
  • Profit before tax £599     (x 48 weeks = £28,752 per annum)
(Salary equivalent)

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