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A flexible career

Imagine being able to choose when you work and for how long! Imagine being able to take 2 hour lunch breaks if you want to! Imagine being able to always make those important social engagements! Imagine being able to take time off without having to ask permission or filling out a form! These are all part of the benefits of being a driving instructor.

As a self-employed driver training professional, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to balance your work, family and social life. So if money is your primary motivator and you want to work 45-50 hours a week, we’ll help to fill your diary to the brim so you can watch your bank balance grow week on week. But if you only want to work part-time – that’s fine also.

And if you want to chop and change as the year goes along – you can do that as well.

At Around the Bend, we’ll make sure you are on the right franchise package for your needs and you’re still maximising your earnings.